Short Term Storage Gives You Options

What is short term storage?

Short term storage can be sought after by residents of Australia for a number of reasons related to removals and storage.

Firstly, you might have some time between moving out of your old home to your new home.

But you may not have anywhere to stick these items, so hiring a storage unit can be perfect.

Other reasons could be if you are renovating your current home. You may need to get rid of the internal belongings in order to lay down new carpets, to get new wallpaper, or paint on the walls.

Short term storage by definition means you’re wanting to store your property for 3 months or less.

Why is it helpful during a house move?

If you’ve already been through a house move, you will probably agree that it is one of the most stressful days of your life.

If you have your first house move coming up, you’ll soon find out.

However, with a lot of planning, utilising removals, and storing your excess, you can make the process just that bit easier.

Hiring a short term storage locker can allow you to declutter the smaller items in your home to store until you have all the major pieces of furniture moved into your new house.

Alternatively, you might find yourself ‘between houses’ which is where you have sold your house already but find yourself staying in a half-way house with friends or family until you’ve completed the purchase of your new home.

In the meantime, you don’t want to overburden and crowd your parents’ house with all of your belongings, so hiring a short term storage container can help with this. 

This next reason is if an issue comes to light on moving day, like if there is a problem with obtaining the keys for your new property. You have to move out of your old home no matter what, so you can always store your belongings in a storage container in the meantime.

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