Moving Large Furniture


None of us look forward to the day of moving from one house into another.

The stress and planning that has to go into making sure it all goes smoothly can cause intense stress for some people.

To lighten the load and help make the transition easier, it can be worth getting professional qualified furniture movers to help you move the larger furniture.

Not only can this be one of the toughest obstacles logistically in terms of spacial structure in transport, but it can also be strenuous physically.

For some people this might be a compulsory part of the move if they are old or disabled and unable to do any physical lifting.

Tips for Moving Large Furniture

Hire Furniture Movers

One of the best ways to move large furniture is to hire the services of a furniture removalist in Australia.

That way, they can help you move all your furniture into your new house whether it’s a short drive away or in a totally different state.

Do It Yourself With Precaution

If you decide to carry the furniture yourself, there are safe ways in which to do so.

Firstly make sure there are two of you and tilt the object to the side with one of you holding the top and one holding the bottom.

This will balance the weight of the furniture between you and prevent swaying.

You can also use a rope – get some plywood and stick it on the floor to prevent friction and act as a ramp. You can then tie rope around the object.

However if you have to move furniture from upstairs it is probably best hiring a stair climbing trolley.

Protect the furniture – wrap film around the corners and fully around furniture to prevent any damage during transit or general wear and tear.

One method to drastically reduce the weight of the furniture you’re carrying is to lift it onto a trolley – the only thing to be careful of is that the weight of the object is perfectly balanced on the trolley so that it doesn’t tip off one way.

Make grips for your mattress – this involves tying rope around the corners of the mattress to prevent it flopping and it also provides you with handles to increase grip during transit.

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