For a lot of us, the most prized possessions in our homes can either be the most expensive and rarest items. Most of the time this is antique furniture.

They can have an important value both financially and sentimentally to the owner.

To ensure no damage comes to your precious antique furniture there are precautions you should be taking both with the daily maintenance and for furniture moves during a house move.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the patina of the surface of antique furniture will build over the years.

To preserve the original finish use beeswax on the grain of wooden antique furniture.

This will bring out both the colour and the grain of the wood material and will protect the furniture from the elements. 

It is also important to hire professional furniture movers to ensure your valuable furniture is looked after properly.

How to safely move your antique furniture

One of the periods in which your antique furniture is most at risk of damage is when you’re moving your furniture from one house to another.

However, you can reduce the chance of any damage to your antique furniture whilst you’re moving from one house to another.

First and foremost you’re going to want to wrap the furniture in bubble wrap and in packing paper to give it adequate protection.

If you have any smaller bits of antique furniture you might want to consider wrapping these in a different colour of wrapping paper so you can identify them from the non-antique items in the same back.

The box that you are putting your antique items into will need to be taped securely and ensure that you have labelled the box fragile so that the furniture movers know to handle the box with care. 

If the item is of a high value what you might want to get an appraisal from an expert before the move and list it on your homeowner’s insurance. If anything unfortunate were to happen to your items you know that you are covered.

If the item is appraised by a certified expert you will be able to get this value noted on your insurance so that you won’t be out of pocket if anything happens. 

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