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When you’re moving home or office you need your belongings to be well packed and protected. To make sure that your move goes smoothly, we sell a variety of boxes for moving as well as other packing materials. Our high-quality boxes are appropriate for packaging a wide variety of items.

At Caloundra Removals & Storage, we’re specialists in home and office moves. We offer a range of great quality removals services for both households and businesses. We’re committed to providing great quality moving boxes Sunshine Coast-wide, making your move as straightforward and safe as possible.

Moving Boxes For Different Things — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Warana, QLD
Warana, QLD Moving Boxes And Furniture — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Warana, QLD

Ensure the safety of your belongings

Whether it’s a local move on the Sunshine Coast or you’re going across the country, keeping your valuable possessions safe and protected is vital. The most effective way to ensure that your belongings reach their destination in one piece is to choose the right boxes for moving. Our top-quality boxes are strong and sturdy, designed especially to give fantastic protection to your possessions. They’re the same boxes that we use for moving ourselves, so you can be confident that they’re of the highest quality and are totally reliable.

We can also supply a variety of other packing materials to give additional defences to fragile or valuable items like mirrors or framed pictures. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or small move, our reliable boxes are a great solution. Our friendly team will show you how to put your boxes together properly to prevent any accidents.

Wide choice of moving boxes

We provide a wide range of moving boxes suitable for many different items. Whatever it is that you need to transport, we can provide the right solution, including boxes that are designed for transporting fragile items. We usually have most items you’ll need in stock straight away, and can easily order in any additional boxes you require.

Our quality boxes are supplied flat packed so you can easily take them away. If you’re in any doubt about the boxes you need for your move or how to assemble them correctly, our team is available to offer professional advice and make sure you choose the right products.

Different Sizes Of Moving Boxes — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Warana, QLD
Man Adding Tape To The Moving Box — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Warana, QLD

Top quality service

We know that a big move is always stressful. We’re committed to making yours as hassle-free as we can with great quality, sturdy moving boxes. Our reliable products are supplied at competitive prices, and our friendly, knowledgeable team are available with trustworthy advice. We’re always happy to help you choose the right products for your needs, as well as give you our professional advice on how to safely pack your items for your move. We know moving and packaging inside out and are dedicated to exceptional customer service.

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If you’re looking for great quality boxes for moving, whether it’s in the Sunshine Coast or across the country, we’re the specialists who can help. We supply great quality, well-made moving boxes that won’t let you down. Get in touch to find out how we can help your home or office move run smoothly.

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Unfortunately our Sydney operation based in Ingleburn is restricted to receiving and dispatching freight from our warehouse only.

We are not servicing Victoria ourselves but are working closely with our agents of more than 20 years to ensure we service our customers moving to or from Victoria the best we can.

North Queensland is operating as per normal.

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