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Removals and Storage in Townsville QLD

Our company-owned building in Garbutt, Townsville QLD holds 80 timber storage modules inside along with racking for lounges and other items that need to be stored free-standing. We also have capacity for 80 of our purpose-built storage containers. As well as specialising in interstate removals and storage Caloundra Removals & Storage in Townsville we also cater for many customers moving locally within Townsville and the surrounding areas. From one item to a full house load of goods, we can accommodate your local or country relocation.

For those customers who need goods stored, we also offer a safe and cost-effective solution to look after your possessions. Whether storage is needed for only a day or two or long term, our Townsville removalists can tailor a moving and storage solution to suit your needs and provide a stress-free move.

Call our office or submit a quote. We will be in touch very quickly!

Caloundra Removals is the removalist Townsville residents turn to when they want a hassle-free moving experience. We are an established company that strives to offer our customers more at every stage of their move. From our professional, helpful removalists through to the comprehensive suite of services we provide, our team complete your removals faster and better than the rest.

Address: 498-500 Woolcock Street, Garbutt Townsville QLD 4814

Boxes In New Apartment — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Townsville, QLD
Boxes On Desk — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Townsville, QLD

Townsville Furniture Removalists

Conveniently Located

This property is conveniently located just off the Bruce Highway on Woolcock Street in Garbutt. This provides easy access for our vehicles and clients to come to us. With ample internal and external storage, this building also provides accommodation for our interstate drivers.
They can relax with their own sleeping quarters, bathroom and kitchen facilities and well as the compulsory air conditioning to combat the severe heat.

Some of the features of this property include:

As an experienced removalist Townsville people turn to, we understand that each customer has slightly different requirements when it comes to the removals service they want. Our team offers a tailored service that can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Want to do your own packing? No worries. Require some additional storage until your new home is ready? We’ve got it covered. Do your move your way with our flexible removalist options.

When it comes time to move, you need a removalist who will do a good job. But in order to unpack this, there are several things to look for what hiring a furniture removalist.
At Caloundra Removals & Storage, we are more than just your average lift-it-and-move-it company. See our blog post below to see why our removalists are leaders when it comes to furniture removals and storage in our beautiful coastal town.

Comprehensive Service

At Caloundra Removals & Storage, we do it all. Our expert team offer the following services:

Almost every household has an item or two that’s heavy, awkwardly shaped and a real challenge to move. That’s where we step in. Our team of skilled, highly experienced removalists are able to move almost anything. If you’ve got an enormous piece of furniture, we will ensure it comes with you to your next location; we can even take small pieces of machinery, dismantled sheds, plants, trees and more.

No matter how awkward an item might be, you can depend on us to move it safely.

Delivery Box — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Townsville, QLD

Punctual Removals

Being on time is an invaluable asset of a business owner—especially when it comes to furniture removals. At Caloundra Removals & Storage, we always look at our watches to make sure we arrive when we said we would.

Moving day can be a stressful day, but with our dependable team, you can sit back and let our team do all the heavy lifting.

Cartons Stacked Up on Truck's Tailgate Loader — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Townsville, QLD


No two items are the same. That why at Caloundra Removals & Storage, we stock all the necessary moving equipment and packing materials to facilitate this. These include:

We understand that not all furniture can be moved in one piece. In some cases, the furniture was partially (or totally) disassembled before it was brought into the property. This means it needs to be disassembled again before it will fit through the door. In other circumstances, a piece of furniture would have a safer journey if the more fragile parts were removed and packed separately before the piece is loaded onto the truck.

Our team have the right tools and skills to dismantle a wide range of furniture pieces prior to transport. These include:

Once the furniture has been safely transported to its new home, we’re able to reassemble it, restoring each piece back to its original condition.

Environmentally Friendly

Being eco-conscious is at the forefront of what we do. At Caloundra Removals & Storage, we are proud to reduce our impact on the environment by recycling and reusing the following materials: Fuel filters & vehicle oil.

Our removalist trucks are always regularly maintained to ensure they meet the latest emission standards. Not only are our trucks well-maintained, they produce the smallest carbon emissions possible. Our team are working towards a greener future.

Caloundra Removals Moving Van Fleet — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Townsville, QLD


In order to be available to our wide range of clientele, we utilise a fleet of more than 60 vehicles. Our selection of removalist vehicles includes:

All our vehicles are of the latest model and regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance and minimal carbon emissions. We also spare no expense to make sure the suspension, braking and cabin safety of our vehicles is of the highest quality. Not only does this mean optimum safety for our drivers, but also for your belongings.


Most of the goods we store are placed in containers. Rather than unloading into a self-storage unit, we are able to unload your good directly into a convenient and clean container. Your belongings are stored exclusively in one of our containers and we only charge per volume, not for the entire container.

Although most possessions need to be stored somewhere that’s weatherproof, some items, such as lawnmowers, really do need to be kept outdoors. If you’ve got items that don’t belong in a storage unit, why not use our exterior storage to keep them safe until you’re ready to relocate them?

All our storage benefits from a significant level of security, enabling you to leave larger, outdoor items with us, safe in the knowledge they’ll be protected until you need them.

Providing a premium removalist service to customers in and around Townsville, Caloundra Removals aims to do the best job possible the first time around. Call us for more information or to discuss your move.

Finding the right furniture removalist isn’t always easy. But at Caloundra Removals & Storage, we make moving and storing a very smooth process. Get in touch with us today for a free estimation.

Storage Shelves in the Warehouse — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Townsville, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re relocating to another office within the same building, or your entire business is moving to new premises, you can count on us for reliable removalist services including packing, transportation and storage. We can arrange a personalized quote to suit your specific needs.

If you’re moving house in Townsville and surrounding areas, it’s wise to prepare for moving day in advance. When you’re packing up your wardrobe items, it’s handy to make use of any spare suitcases you may have, and use handy port-a-robes to conveniently hang and transport clothes.

Fragile electrical and white good items need to be handled with care. We have extensive experience and handy equipment to ensure your possessions are appropriately protected or cushioned, and are transported carefully.

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Following the recent lockdown for South East Queensland, we can advise we are operating as normal as our industry is deemed an essential service. Our crews have all the required PPE and many are being regularly tested.

Unfortunately our Sydney operation based in Ingleburn is restricted to receiving and dispatching freight from our warehouse only.

We are not servicing Victoria ourselves but are working closely with our agents of more than 20 years to ensure we service our customers moving to or from Victoria the best we can.

North Queensland is operating as per normal.

If there are any queries or concerns involving your removal, please feel free to call on 1300 723 783 or email:

CALOUNDRA REMOVALS & STORAGE is committed to ensuring the health and safety of workers and others affected by our work activities.  We place the highest priority on making sure work activities are carried out safely and reasonable measures are taken to remove (or reduce if they can’t be eliminated) risks to the health and safety of workers and others.  People are our most important asset and safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a potential hazard for workers and other people at workplaces. CALOUNDRA REMOVALS & STORAGE will apply the necessary measures in order to protect workers and all other persons from contracting COVID-19.

CALOUNDRA REMOVALS & STORAGE will to keep up to date with the latest COVID-19 information and advice to ensure that any action taken is measured and appropriate. This includes closely monitoring the Australian Government Department of Health and any advice from state or territory government agencies.

CALOUNDRA REMOVALS & STORAGE will initiate control measures that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Review and promote our infection control procedure.
  • Ensuring workers are aware of the isolation/quarantine periods in accordance with advice from the Australian Government Department of Health.
  • Providing clear advice to workers about actions they should take if they become unwell or think they may have the symptoms of coronavirus, in accordance with advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and state or territory health department.
  • Eliminating or minimising international work travel, in line with the travel advice on the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website.
  • Providing regular updates to workers about the situation and any changes to organisational policies or procedures.
  • Contingency planning to manage staff absences
  • Providing workers with information and links to relevant services should they require support.

Workers also have a duty to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and to not adversely affect the health and safety of others. Workers should be reminded to always practice good hygiene and other measures to protect themselves and other against infection. This includes:

  • To self-isolate if returning from an overseas trip, or being in close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • Washing their hands often, with soap and water, or carrying hand sanitiser and using it as needed
  • Covering their mouth when coughing or sneezing, but not using their hands to do so
  • Seeing a health care professional if they start to feel unwell
  • If unwell, avoiding contact with others (including shaking hands or other touching, such as hugging).