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Offering Brisbane to Melbourne Removals Since 1992

Considering that Brisbane to Melbourne removals can take up to a week to complete, you want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the big moving day. Let Caloundra Removals & Storage help with our reliable removal services, including packing, office relocations and removals & storage.

Since 1992, we’ve handled Brisbane to Melbourne removals carefully and safely. With multiple offices scattered throughout Australia, we can help you every step of the way.

We always do our best to ensure you have a wonderful experience with our company.

Delivering on your schedule to ensure that nothing goes amiss. We also never subcontract our services, and only our hired staff drives and delivers in our removal vehicles.

When you want a removal company that cares about you, try Caloundra Removals & Storage.

You won’t regret it. Contact us on 07 5493 8888 to speak with a member from our friendly staff or request an online quote or in-home survey today.

One of our Brisbane to Melbourne Removalists on route

Our Interstate Removal Options

At Caloundra Removals & Storage, you can trust us to take care of your move from Brisbane to Melbourne from start to finish. Our reliable, efficient door-to-door removals services are perfect if you need your furniture or items delivered quickly, or are worried about their security in transit. If you’re relocating any larger or awkwardly-shaped furniture, we’re able to disassemble and reassemble it to ensure it arrives in the same condition it was when it left its destination.

Removalist Loading A Partly Loaded Van

Backloading Services

If you’re organising a relocation from Brisbane to Melbourne on a budget, choose our quality backloading services. We’ll add your items to our partly-loaded trucks already on the road, meaning you’ll save money on transit and delivery, and we’ll work with you to determine the perfect delivery time. As our well-maintained, quality fleet moves across Australia every day, we always have vehicles on the road ready to accommodate your furniture and boxes.

You can trust Caloundra Removals & Storage for efficient removals and storage services. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage solutions, you can trust in the quality of our transit services and storage units. Our storage facility is well-maintained, secure, and regularly monitored to ensure your items are kept safe. We can also help you load your storage unit correctly to facilitate ease of access when it comes time to use your items.

Packing Materials And Different Tapes

We Use The latest Removal Equipment To Ensure The Safety Of Your Belongings

At Caloundra Removals & Storage, we carry the perfect equipment to safely remove your belongings and keep them safe on the way to Melbourne. Our removal equipment includes:

  • State-of-the-art fleet
  • Ramps and lifting equipment to facilitate moves
  • Heavy-duty blankets and plastic covering
  • TV cartons to safely move plasmas and LCD screens
  • Port-a-robes to keep your clothes pristine on the road
  • Extra packaging materials when needed
  • Expert handling by our trained team of removalists

Our Fleet Can Accommodate Interstate Moves Both Big & Small

We proudly maintain a fleet of over sixty vehicles of various sizes. Whatever the size and scope of your move, you can trust Caloundra Removals & Storage to get the job done.

Our fleet includes:

  • Reliable small Pantechs for small removals in urban areas
  • Fully-equipped container trucks
  • Sturdy rigid Pan vehicles for interstate removals
  • Semi-trailers for direct interstate relocations
  • B-double to facilitate relocations across our branches
  • Sturdy tailgate lifters for heavier and awkward items
A Fleet Of White Moving Trucks
Couple Packing Their Belongings for Our Brisbane to Melbourne Interstate Removalists

Our Brisbane to Melbourne Interstate Removalists Cover The Entire City

Are you located in Brisbane and planning your next local move? Why not let Caloundra Removals take care of it for you? Based in Brisbane, we are the nearby removalists who can move your belongings from Jindalee to Wakerley and everywhere in between.

Covering the eastern suburbs, Moreton Bay and the northern suburbs, as well as the western and southern areas of the city, we also operate in Red Hill, Kangaroo Point, Woolloongabba and the surrounding areas.

Furniture Removalists Brisbane to Melbourne

As an established furniture removalist, we have plenty of experience in completing moves both inside the city. Whether you’ve got the contents of an entire house to shift, or simple a few bulky items that need to be taken out of your old apartment and transported to your new one, you can rely on us to move your furniture from Brisbane to Melbourne efficiently.

We Can Disassemble Your Furniture

From beds to couches, dressers, tables and more, there are lots of items that travel better when they’ve been disassembled. In some cases, disassembly is the only way to get them through the door! Our team have the tools and expertise to disassemble a range of furniture, making your move even easier to accomplish successfully. We’ll even put it together for you when it reaches its new home!

Interstate Furniture Removalists

Learn More About Our Brisbane to Melbourne Removal Services Today

If you’re relocating from Brisbane to Melbourne, choose Caloundra Removals & Storage. We’re a highly experienced team with an extensive fleet equipped to carry out removals of any size and scope. We’ll work with you to ensure a move that’s as convenient, reliable and secure as possible. From our four branches on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Townsville and Melbourne, we’re able to assist with any removal and storage assistance you require. Call us today on (07) 5493 8888.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll do our best to accommodate every request.

Removals from Brisbane to Melbourne can take up to a week to complete.

Yes, the removalists ensure that all items are packed securely and safely in the truck for the journey from Brisbane to Melbourne. We employ expert handling by a trained team of removalists using state-of-the-art equipment. This includes heavy-duty blankets, plastic covering and specialised cartons for delicate items like TVs, ensuring everything is well-protected during transit. Our professional packing techniques, combined with the right equipment, ensure that your belongings are packed with the utmost care and arrive in the same condition they were when they left.

The cost of hiring a removalist to handle Brisbane to Melbourne removal is influenced by multiple factors. The amount and weight of your items are significant determinants, as larger or heavier loads necessitate more resources. The distance to your Melbourne destination also affects the price, considering fuel and travel time expenses. Services such as professional packing and exceptional care for delicate items or storage needs will add to the overall cost. Additionally, opting for insurance, encountering access challenges at pickup or delivery locations and choosing to move during peak times can alter the final price. For a precise quote that reflects your unique requirements, contact us for a customised estimate based on your moving details.

Certainly! If you’re situated in a suburb outside the central Brisbane area and are looking to move to Melbourne, you can be confident that our interstate removalists cover the central city and the wider Brisbane area. This comprehensive service ensures that you’ll receive full support for your move if you’re located in a bustling city precinct or a quieter suburban street. From packing and loading in Brisbane to unloading and arranging in Melbourne, the removalists are equipped to manage your relocation smoothly, regardless of your starting point.

For the transportation of fragile items, specialised packing techniques and materials are used to ensure their safety. Items are wrapped in heavy-duty blankets and plastic covering and placed in custom-designed cartons when necessary. This approach minimises movement and protects against impacts during transit, ensuring that delicate items like glassware, artwork and electronics arrive in pristine condition.

Yes, the removalists are equipped with the tools and expertise to disassemble and reassemble a wide range of furniture. This service is beneficial for moving larger or awkwardly shaped items that may not fit through doorways or require careful handling. The team ensures that each piece is correctly dismantled and securely packed for transport, then reassembled with care at the destination.

Backloading services offer a cost-effective solution for those looking to move on a budget. This option involves adding your items to partly loaded trucks already scheduled for your destination route. It allows for significant savings on transit and delivery costs while providing the same care and security for your belongings. The company works with you to determine the most suitable delivery time, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Yes, both short-term and long-term storage solutions are available. The storage facilities are well-maintained, secure and designed for easy access. Whether you need to store your belongings for a few days or several months, you can trust that they will be kept safe and in good condition until you’re ready to retrieve them.