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Secure Storage Options

Caloundra Removals & Storage are specialists in storing household furniture and effects. 

We take pride in being able to care for our client’s belongings whilst they wait for their new home to become available.

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Our Short & Long Term Storage Options

Short Term Storage - Under 12 Months

There are many reasons why our clients use our short-term hire services. It offers a secure and cost-effective storage solution for those that need their possessions taken care of for periods under 12 months. 

This includes FIFO workers, overseas travellers, people looking to purchase a property (for residential or business purposes) on the Sunshine Coast or interstate and more.

We offer a secure shipping container storage method for those looking for short-term hire. Your possessions will be kept safe in a secure container and yard, ready to access when you need them.

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Long Term Storage - Over 12 Months

All of our branches also offer module storage for our clients who require their goods to be stored long term. We regard this period to be a minimum of 12 months.

Our modules are treated timber crates that are stored inside our warehouses. Once again, these goods stay protected and in their own module(s).

Security is a very important part of protecting our client’s possessions and we take many precautions to ensure goods stay safe. All containers are stored with the doors of the container stacked against the doors of another container. Our properties have security fencing, security lighting and monitored back to base alarm systems.

We offer insurance on stored furniture and effects to give extra peace of mind. Our insurance covers risks including flooding and cyclone.

Why choose removal and storage over self storage?

The majority of goods we store are kept in secure shipping container storage. This has many advantages over other forms of storage such as storing in warehouses and using self-storage facilities. Storing in containers eliminates the need to unload into a warehouse or self-storage unit.


We own all of our own containers. All containers are purchased brand new and are setup specifically for the removals and storage of furniture. All containers and contents are regularly inspected to ensure all contents are kept dry and clean.

Our client’s furniture and effects are loaded into the container they are to be stored in at their residence. This allows the goods to stay wrapped in our thick furniture blankets and fabric items are kept stored in their plastic covers to keep them well protected. Only one consignment is stored per container

Keep reading to learn more about some of the other benefits of removal and storage.

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You Only Pay For The Volume You Use, Not The Entire Container

When you elect to hire a self-storage container, you have to pay for the entire container no matter how many items you plan on storing. We don’t operate that way. You will only pay for the volume of the storage container that you use. This is more cost-effective and means that people with a small volume of important possessions are still able to use our service.

Save Time & Money

Self-storage units require you to transport your goods to the facility, load them into the container and collect them when you are ready. This means you are not only paying for storage but the time and effort required to transport your goods, including fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear. We take care of the transportation and storage aspects for you.

Minimised Risk Of Damaged Goods

Our professional removalists are experienced with the handling of all goods and possessions and have a proud track record of ensuring all materials reach their target destination safely.

When you try and transport them yourself, or use a less reputable service, you run the risk of damage to your important possessions.

No Double Handling

Because the shipping container is moved as is, there is no extra handling involved in packing and unpacking the container more times than is required. This drastically reduces the chance of any damage, speeds up the process and saves you time and money throughout the process.

Our Removal & Storage Process

We will assess your requirements and provide a quote

Unlike other removal and storage facilities, we don’t charge for the entire shipping container, only the volume that you use. This way, you are getting the most cost-effective storage and removal solution without sacrificing security.

We Will Run You Through What Is Allowed

There are certain materials that cannot be stored in shipping containers like fuel, gas cylinders and bottles and other hazardous materials. We will run you through the list of what can be included and what will need to be disposed of.

We Arrange For Your Materials To Reach Our Storage Facility

We will arrange a time for our team to come and transport your possessions to our secure facility with our removal truck.

Storage, Removal And Collection

Our team ensures your possessions reach the target destination or are safely stored so they are not at risk of theft, damage from the elements or other factors.

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A Storehouse Rack

How Much Storage Will I Need?

To determine how much storage space you will require, you will need to have a rough idea of the volume of your furniture and other possessions. On average, this is the volume of different house sizes:

  • Small 1-2 bedroom house or unit: 27m3
  • Two-bedroom home or unit: 31.5m3
  • Medium 2-3 bedroom house or unit: 40.5m3
  • Large 3-4 bedroom house or unit: 54m3
  • Very large 5 bedroom home: 67.5m3

Each of our containers holds 38m3 in total, so this will give you a rough guide on how many containers (or part containers) will be required. Our team can help you to work out a more specific total for your possessions. 

If you’re looking for office removal & storage services, you might need more storage space. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today on 07 5493 8888!

Removal & Storage Is Ideal For Interstate Moves

The property market is alive and well in Australia, and many people are looking to pack up and move their possessions without a home ready to move into. 

Our service is ideal when you are looking for a property interstate but do not yet have one secured. Your possessions will be moved in the storage containers and remain in storage until you are ready to have them delivered to your new home.

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Contact Us To Learn More About Our Removal And Storage Services

Moving can be a challenging experience. Our mission is to make it as simple as possible for your, providing a cost-effective, reliable and secure way to store and move your possessions. 

For more information or to get a free no-obligation quote contact us on (07) 5493 8888 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

This unfortunately occurs far too often. We find it is simply a case of the removal company you have booked has booked another job that is more profitable. They will either be non contactable or will say their truck has broken down.

Due to us generally being booked out at least a couple of weeks in advance, it is very unlikely we will be able to help.

Yes. Full filing cabinets can be very heavy.

The most important preparation for storage is ensuring your white goods are as dry as possible. Turing these off at least 24 hours prior to your removal and leaving open to dry out is our advice. Hanging a few teabags in the fridge and freezer will also help absorb any moisture.

Storage fees are based on the volume of goods we store for you. This is charged weekly in advance.

There is no requirement to take apart your furniture, but anything you can do to speed up the process will save you money in the long run. If you are confident in disassembling your furniture, it will definitely help speed up the process and can save you storage space in your container. Our tip is to store all bolts, brackets etc in a sturdy container or ziplock bag and tape it to the furniture, so it will be there when you need it. If you need our removalists to take apart your furniture for you, this is a service that we provide.

This will depend on your preparations. If the furniture is disassembled, everything is properly packed and labelled and all items are placed in the centre of each room, this will cut down on the collection and drop-off times enormously.

All of our removalists and on-site staff are highly trained to prevent any damage. We also have comprehensive insurance to cover your possessions while they are in our care. Every effort will be taken to ensure there is no damage in the storage or removal process, but you can rest assured you are covered if there are any unforeseen incidents.