Packing Materials

Don’t pay over the top prices for Packing Materials!

Call our nearest office for prices on packing materials. Our prices are very competitive on a large range of boxes, paper, tape and many other materials you will need for your upcoming move.

All of the materials we sell are the best quality! We use them so why wouldn’t we recommend you use them too! Our 3 branches are open Monday – Friday and hold stock of most, if not all items you will need. The boxes come flat packed to fit easily into your car.

Our friendly staff will show how to put them together and provide packing tips to make your job easier and help reduce the chance of any damage.

Watch this space!!! We will soon have a link to a new site allowing you to purchase online and arrange delivery to areas around our 3 handy locations.

Moving Boxes Stacked in the Corner — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Sunshine Coast, QLD
Packing Up the Kitchen Ready for Moving — Caloundra Removals & Storage in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Competitive Pricing

Please click on the button below to see our latest range of packing materials and very competitive pricing:

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