Hiring removalists is usually the best way to move house, but they are especially helpful during a pandemic. Here at Caloundra Removals and Storage, we want to help you complete all the tasks involved with moving, whatever the external factors may be. With the pandemic currently affecting everyday life, moving can be even more stressful than usual, which is why it’s nice to have professionals on your side. Here are some tips to help your move go smoothly during this pandemic. 

Pandemic or not, sometimes moving is time constrained and you need to get it done now. However, you want to be sure you have access to the services you need to help you get your move done. Some of these services may be unavailable due to covid-19 restrictions so make sure you know what you’re getting into if you are planning a move anytime soon. 

Cleaning Precautions

With a virus going around, it’s important to make sure cleaning takes priority. Be sure that your removalist sanitises equipment between moves so that’s safe and sanitary to have in your home. You can also clean and sanitise your new home, using the proper PPE equipment, before you settle in. And of course, wearing masks is recommended by all so that you are protected and so are the removalists you hire to help you move. Likewise, be sure you are practicing social distancing during the move as well. 

Moving with Professionals

Perhaps you feel safer moving by yourself during these times. Keep in mind that since social distancing is in effect in many areas, that means you can’t simply recruit friends and family members to help you so you will be left doing most of the tasks yourself. Not only can this take a lot of extra time, but it also adds a lot of stress to moving day. Hiring a professional will make sure you plan accordingly.

What Moving Companies are Doing

All over the world, removalists are following certain protocols to ensure that moving is safe during this covid-19 pandemic. That includes following all government mandates, social distancing, cleaning trucks and equipment, wearing masks and gloves and using hand sanitiser frequently. Many moving companies are still in operation during the pandemic.

If you need the help of removalists during this ongoing pandemic, call Caloundra Removals and Storage to get a quote for your moving needs.