You’re moving interstate, and the mere thought of packing and moving might be making you nervous and worried about how it’s all going to come together. Don’t worry – we’ve seen it all – and we’re here to guide you through the process with some tips to make your interstate move stress-free so you can concentrate on your new home.

Unlike moving a couple of suburbs away, moving interstate requires a whole lot more planning and organisation. Here are some steps on how to make the interstate process as smooth as possible.

1. Decide on your furniture

This step may seem obvious, but it’s the perfect time to declutter and start organising which items you’ll want to keep and pack or sell before the move. Be smart about downsizing because bulky and oversized pieces of furniture can cost more by moving interstate. Often, it’s cheaper to leave bulky furniture behind and buy new later than to haul massive furniture across the country.

If you’ve got large specialty items such a piano, a pool table, a heavy safe or hot tub, we can provide you with our tailored solutions for all your over-sized packing needs.

Not sure what is determined oversized? Contact us for more information.

2. Create and follow a moving checklist

Proper time management and concise planning are two necessary conditions for a smooth and trouble-free interstate move. It’s important to start the relocation preparation as early as you can, but it’s even more essential to organise the tasks and plan your time in the best possible way.

At Caloundra Removals & Storage we can provide you with as much information as you need to help your process run as smoothly as possible or you can download the easy Australian Furniture Removers Association AFRA Removal Checklist.

3. Don’t pay over the top prices for packing materials

Unlike moving down the road where you can get away with throwing your contents into any old box, interstate moves will require you to pack with quality materials. Think about it in a way where the greater the distance between the two homes means the longer time your household items will be on the road and why you will need your prized possessions packed in the best possible way.

Our prices are very competitive on a large range of boxes, paper, tape and many other materials you will need for your upcoming move. Call our nearest office for the best price on packing materials for your move.

4. Opt for secure storage solutions

When moving interstate, you can often run into logistic challenges on the timing between moving from two homes. Caloundra Removals and Storage are specialists in taking care of your belongings when your new home may not be available straight away by providing containerised storage and long-term storage solutions.

Containerised storage has many advantages over other forms of storage, such as storing in warehouses and using self-storage facilities. Storing in containers eliminates the need to unload into a warehouse or self-storage unit, so there’s no double handling, and you can have the peace of mind that your items are always secure and protected.

5. Be smart about your insurance

Insurance may be an added cost and while no-one likes to shell out more money than necessary, taking out insurance is one of the smartest decisions you can make for an interstate move. The last thing you need is to worry about your items not making it to your destination after all that hard work that went into the packing.

At Caloundra Removals and Storage we suggest you be wary of companies advising of free insurance as there’s no such thing! Check out how can we assist you with all your insurance needs, because regardless of how professional and careful a team of movers can be, accidents can happen, and we believe client protection should be a priority.

We are very happy to undertake all your interstate removals and storage needs!

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