Tips for Moving With Pets

Moving is a stressful time for humans but it can also be an anxious time for your pets.

There’s a lot of unexpected activity in the existing home to consider, let alone an introduction to a whole other environment in the new home.

The staff at Caloundra Removals know there is no one solution that suits all pets but we are always happy to share our tips when they undertaking removals and storage in Melbourne!

Here are our best tips for moving with pets to help deal with what can be a challenging time.

Moving Day

The easiest way to keep anxiety to a minimum is to keep your dog/cat away from all the hustle and bustle, all the moving action, especially on moving day.

The ideal way to do this is to either leave your pet with a friend until you’re ready to journey to your new place or to lodge them in a kennel/cattery for the day.

If you want to keep pooch or kitty at home, keep them in an already empty bedroom or in the garage or basement with a few of their favourite toys to keep them occupied.

Whatever at home solution you choose, be sure to regularly check that they are comfortable – room temperature is ok and they have sufficient food and water.

Remember to walk the dog at the usual time, no matter how busy you are. Routine is still important.

Moving Kit

The first few days in your new home are going to be just as chaotic to your pet as the run up to moving.

Like you are going to pack an “moving in box” with all the family essentials for the first day or two, create the same for your pet.

Put together enough dog/cat food, kitty litter, and favourite toys and make sure you know where you have packed the lead, bowls, and bed.

Contact the Vet

If you are moving to somewhere where you’ll need a new vet, contact your current vet for your pet’s records and a supply of any existing medications.

They may also be able to recommend a vet in your new place of residence. 

The Journey and Moving In

The best way to transport your pet to your new home is in your own vehicle. The most comfortable way is your usual method of taking them in the car.

This may or may not involve a carrier. If it is an animal’s first time in a carrier/car, covering the carrier with a blanket can relieve stress. Do not let your pet out until you arrive at your new home and then allow them time to adjust to their new environment which will be helped by the aforementioned survival kit.

Don’t forget to update their tags and microchip details as soon as possible. 

We are very happy to undertake all removals and storage in Melbourne, pets or no pets. Contact us anytime or request a free online quote!

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