Modern removalists offer a large range of services.

As the removals industry moves with the times, as it were, so it has to keep up with customers’ demands.

More and more people are on the move today than ever before. The globalised world means it’s common to move families and businesses to the other side of the world.

Of course, that doesn’t always come cheap. Any efficiencies which can be built into a move will help keep costs down.

Backloading is one of these efficiencies, as it avoids the waste of trucks using fuel and time when they’re empty.

Value Option

Removalists will often offer significant discounts for backload removals.

If you take up this option, you agree to have your job put on a backload roster.

This means that your mover will look out for a suitable space on a return journey.

If a family or business has moved interstate or inter-city, the van will be empty afterwards.

If your load will fit in the space, it can be loaded in that city.

As the removalists will be moving on to another job anyway, it makes sense for them to load the van.

Although a loaded van will use slightly more fuel than an empty one, the difference is minimal.

They can offset their fuel costs by incorporating another move along the way.

For interstate moves in particular, empty vans are a huge waste. Apart from the cost, the environment suffers as well.

Although this service relies on someone else moving before you, in reality that is always going to happen.

Unless your removals van is brand new, it will always have had someone else’s property in it.

Some people get squeamish about the van being “still warm” from another move, but it’s just a question of time.

Regular Service

The one thing you do have to be with backloading is flexible. Your removalist will carry out an inventory on all your goods.

This will tell them what volume they will need for your job. They will then look for a backloading slot which can handle that volume.

This means that they and you will have to wait for such a slot. With the number of moves carried out in any particular week, this will not be long.

Obviously, some moves will have to wait slightly longer than others. Certain long distance moves are not as regular as others, for instance.

Also, if you have a particularly large load, this may have to be split. If you’re ok with this, your backload move will be that much easier to achieve.

More Information

For more about backloading and its advantages for removalists and customers alike, call us at Caloundra Removals.

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