Whether you have decided to go the route of moving everything by yourself or you are simply opting for a tailored service from professional furniture removalists, this article is for you. Furniture removal is a highly specialised business and wherever possible it should be left to the experts.

Furniture Removal Tips for your move:

  1. Have an inventory
  2. Prepare your furniture
  3. Safely Lift furniture
  4. Have the right tools
  5. Protect your possessions
  6. Pack a priority box
  7. Leave it to the experts

Have an inventory

Apart from giving you a clear idea of the size of the task, you are undertaking, an inventory is useful in other ways too. Deciding which pieces of furniture need to be disassembled and in what order they should be loaded for transport can all be done from your inventory.

Prepare Your Furniture

Measuring your furniture and doorways before furniture removal day is, therefore, a great idea. There is nothing worse than trying to move your furniture on moving day only to discover that it won’t fit through your doors. It is likely that a lot of your items have been assembled in the house from flat-packs over the years.

Safely Lift Furniture

As expert removalists go, the team here at Caloundra Removals and Storage are well aware of how dangerous incorrect lifting can be. There is more than one reason for needing to disassemble furniture and weight is a top contender.

Have the right tools

Using the correct tools can save you big on hassle during your furniture removal and the cost of a few decent tools will pale into insignificance if you can’t get something apart. Unfortunately, your furniture isn’t likely to disassemble itself and that means you will need to be more than just a little nifty with a screwdriver.

Protect your possessions

Furniture blankets, a marker for fragile items, and plenty of protective packaging materials are a must. A robust dolly can be rented at a reasonable price to help you with heavier items and strapping them onto it is probably one of the most sensible furniture removal tips you can take on-board.

Have a packing and loading system

A little time spent packing smaller items prior to your move will pay big dividends on the day. The same can be said for items that require disassembly too. Furniture legs, feet, and doors should be packed with the pieces of furniture they relate to and loading the heavier items first is a must.

Leave it to the experts

Unless you are young, fit, and reasonably healthy, you may want to consider leaving it to the experts. Moving house is stressful enough and considering the relative cost, you could save yourself a lot of stress and hassle.

Here at Caloundra Removals and Storage, we are the furniture removal experts. So call us now on 1300 723 783.

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