Plan Your Move

Probably the most important procedure when moving house is the planning you do before it actually begins!To ensure a smooth move, start the moving procedure early and prepare a 6 week plan to moving day with the help of AFRA’s Planning Guide.

Planning Tips:

  • Use your AFRA Removal Checklist to keep a file of all the details of your move
  • Prepare a Household Inventory of everything that is going to be moved.
  • Before you call a removals company, decide what you are taking and what you are leaving.
  • Dispose of the items you don’t want or need any more – why pay to move something you are only going to throw out?
  • If you are planning on purchasing new furniture for your new home, make sure it will fit through the doorways or up stairways in your new house before purchase.
  • Ask yourself if you have items that will not fit into your new home, will you need storage?
  • Are there any alterations planned for your new house prior to moving in? If yes, finalise before moving day.
  • Prepare a floor plan of your new house to help plan where you need things placed and ensure everything will fit.
  • Try to arrange your move during the least busy period of the month and season. A high percentage of removals occur during the last week of the month, during summer and in holidays, so book your removalist early.

Decide Whether To Move Yourself Or To Have Professionals Move You

  • Do you have adequate physical strength and endurance to lift heavy items and not cause yourself back injuries?
  • Do you have at least two helpers with at least one being stronger than you?
  • Can you be sure to have adequate time off work to be able to complete the move on schedule?
  • Will your household contents policy cover for potential loss in case of an accident en route?
  • Can you carry everything through doorways and up stairs without damaging the item or the house? (i.e. a fridge)
  • Do you have a suitable vehicle to move your furniture and effects?
  • Have you looked at all the costs carefully, i.e. truck rental, insurance?
  • Will the rental truck be equipped with trolleys, packing materials and ties, and has the vehicle been properly maintained?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it may pay to be wise and ask for a quotation from an AFRA member.

Self Storage

If you find that your new home can’t accommodate all your furniture, ask your chosen AFRA removalist about removals and storage options. AFRA members have more than 100 years’ experience in furniture storage, self storage and have the equipment, expertise and facilities required for the specific care of your goods while in storage, either short or long-term.

Be sure to ask:

  • How your goods will be stored?
  • Are you able to make an inspection of the storage location before signing any contracts?
  • What insurance is available while your goods are in storage?
  • What systems are in place to cover adequate maintenance of your goods while in storage?
  • Is there a danger of pest destruction of your goods while in storage?
  • Can they help you with self storage tips?