Many homeowners are unaware of the problems that can arise when transporting a fridge during a house move.

Transporting a fridge incorrectly or not setting a fridge up properly can not only harm the mechanisms of the fridge but make it unsafe to use.

In this guide, we explore how long to wait after moving a fridge and other tips for moving a fridge.

Why Is it Important to Safely Transport a Fridge?

If a fridge is laid on its side, or shaken during transport, oil in the fridge’s compressor can travel to the coolant lines.

If oil is present in the coolant lines, the fridge will not be able to reach and maintain a cool temperature and will not be able to fulfil its primary purpose of keeping food and drink cool.

How Long to Wait When Moving a Fridge

If your fridge has been transported on its side during a move, it is essential the fridge is positioned in an upright position for the same amount of time it was on its side.

For example, if your fridge has been transported for 6 hours on its side in a moving van, it must be positioned upright for at least 6 hours before it can be switched on again.

This will ensure the oil has enough time to flow back into the compressor.

Even if your refrigerator has not been laid on its side during transport, you should wait at least 4 hours to switch your fridge on in your new home as some oil may have travelled to the coolant lines if the fridge was knocked or bounced during its journey.

Top Tips for Moving a Fridge

1. Phone a Professional

Fridges are often heavier than they look. If you plan on moving a fridge yourself, ensure one or more people are able to help you lift and manoeuvre your fridge.

To ensure a stress and injury-free moving process, hire a professional moving company to move your fridge for you. They will be able to safely lift the fridge and carry it out of your house without damaging any walls.

2. Clear it Out

Before you move your fridge, ensure it is completely clear and free from food and beverages.

If your fridge has a freezer drawer or is a fridge/freezer, ensure the freezer is defrosted to avoid water spilling from your fridge during your move.

3. Be Patient

Once you have waited the appropriate amount of time after your move for your fridge to settle and have switched it on, wait until it reaches an appropriate temperature before you start filling it with food.

A fridge may not reach a temperature safe enough to keep food cool for many hours and you do not want to be affected by food poisoning days into living in your new home.

Once it has reached a safe temperature (usually below 5°C), you can stock it up and use it as you wish.

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